Long Gun-Shotgun Training

North Carolina Private Protective Services

Long Gun-Shotgun Training Course Information

$149.00 Basic Long Gun-Shotgun

CLASS SIZE: Minimum class size is four (4) officers. Maximum class size if eight (8) officers.

PREREQUISITE: Must have completed the PPSB Armed Basic Security Officer Training (BSOT-A) course prior to taking the basic Long Gun-Shotgun course. 

FIREARM: Any standard pump-action or semi-automatic 12-gauge shotgun. Officers will also need to bring their semi-automatic duty pistol and appropriate duty holster to the course.  

ROUNDS NEEDED: 50 rounds of 12-gauge slug and 60 rounds of 12-guage 00-Buck. We highly recommend using the Federal Flite-Control 00-Buck ammunition. You may bring your own ammunition or purchase it at the class. See important notice on state ammunition requirements below in red. All ammunition must be new factory loads; no reloaded ammunition is allowed.  Fenix recommends that you purchase your shotgun ammunition PRIOR to the course at www.BulkAmmo.com.   

EQUIPMENT: Officers must have a means of carrying their shells and and slugs in their person (i.e. cargo pocket). Duty belt with duty-type holster and duty pistol. Officers must have a ball cap with bill. Eye and ear protection are available at the range free of charge.    

CERTIFICATE: Upon successful completion of the course, officers will receive their North Carolina Private Protective Services Shotgun Training Certificate. This certificate is required for all security officers and private investigators who will be applying for their armed registration or license, and who will be using a shotgun during the performance of their duties in North Carolina. 

LOCATION: To Be Announced 

IMPORTANT NOTICE- The NC Private Protective Services Board will allow officers to qualify with target ammunition as long at it is the ballistic equivalent of the duty ammunition you intend to use while working.  The target ammunition must have the same "point-of-aim, point-of-impact and felt recoil" as the duty ammunition they intend to use.   

Long Gun-Shotgun Training

The Long Gun-Shotgun course is a 1-day, 8-hour course that takes officers through the basic and advanced operation of the 12-guage shotgun, both pump action and semi-automatic. The shotgun has been a staple in the security industry for many years.  It is a simple and effective platform that can suit many incidents.  For its simplicity however, the shotgun can be a very challenging weapon to  properly manipulate in a hostile, high-stress situation.

Being able  to quickly and properly deploy a shotgun is vital to realizing its effectiveness on the street.  In the Long Gun-Shotgun course, officers will learn proper safety skills,  marksmanship fundamentals, ammunition selection, operation in conjunction with a handgun, strong and support-hand shooting, combat and  speed reloading techniques, shooting at multiple targets and shooting around barriers.   This course that is designed to give  officers the confidence and ability to deploy a shotgun with  immediate results and effectiveness!  

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