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The Fenix School of Protective Services provides an unprecedented level of training for the protective services and security industry in North Carolina.  From unarmed and armed Basic Security Officer Training (BSOT) and Advanced Security Officer Training (ASOT), to the Solo Protection Agent(SPA) course, the School of Protective Services combines educational resources with a superior training methodology to create an unmatched learning experience.  Our one-of-a-kind programs are each designed to give our students the best foundation for a career in protective services, as well as the advanced courses needed to propel their careers to the next level.  Whether you are starting out as a security officer, you are an owner of a licensed security agency, or you are a seasoned private investigator, the School of Protective Services has the tools and courses needed to make sure you have the latest training in the industry. 

Security officers are on the frontline of protecting their clients and this means training is a very serious matter.  Our goal is to make sure students who complete our program have the best training and working knowledge possible to become a trusted and reliable asset to their security agency.  We accomplish this important goal by incorporating the same "building block" training methodology we use in all of our programs.  The result?  Students who complete our basic and advanced security officer training courses have a greater skill set

and understanding of all aspects required to help them become a success! We do not use the same "cookie cutter" program used by other training agencies in the state.  Do not be fooled by the online advertisements offering training with the possibility of being hired, dirt cheap or even free classes that are often advertised.  You truly do get what you pay for...or what you don't pay for. Superior training means superior results, which means superior performance!  Train at the Fenix School of Protective Services and you will be training with the best!

To learn more about the courses offered at the School of Protective Services, please select the course you wish to learn about from the top menu bar. Online registration is available for all courses. 

Basic Security Officer Training

With many years of experience in curriculum and training development, Fenix can design training programs that fit the individual needs of security agencies, corporate security and protection teams, and private investigation firms throughout the state.  Our proprietary Mobile Training Platform (MTP) allows further flexibility for our clients by bringing our world-class training platform to you!  This allows agencies more latitude to get more training and instruction for their budget.  For more information on custom training programs or MTP, call Fenix at 704-935-4433.

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