Unarmed Basic Security Officer Training Course Information

​Unarmed Basic Security Officer Training 

The Unarmed Basic Security Officer Training (BSOT-U) course is the first step in building a strong career in the security industry.  The North Carolina PPSB mandates attendance and completion of this course for all unarmed security officer positions with a licensed security agency in North Carolina.  Obtaining this certification prior to applying for security-related positions provides candidates a greater chance of being hired, and companies in North Carolina know that candidates who are trained through the Fenix School of Protective Services are better prepared to enter the workforce with skills they can use immediately and to positively impact their clients. Because Fenix uses the same "building block" training methodology that we do with all of our courses, more information and instruction is taught and students retain more of the instruction for use on the streets.  The School of Protective Services provides more working knowledge and hands-on training in this mandatory 16-hour course than anyone else, giving our graduates a greater ability to apply what they learn on their job.  Our superior presentation tools, hands-on training and over two-decades of public safety-related experience make this course fun and exciting, while focusing on the serious role that every security officer plays!   

North Carolina Private Protective Services Training

Students learn how to understand and implement an emergency plan for their client, regardless if the emergency situation is natural or manmade. Students learn the importance of both written and verbal communication and how both are tied to their effectiveness as a professional security officer. Two additional topics the School of Protective Services covers is illegal drug identification and traffic control. Students must be familiar with identifying not only drugs but the effects they have on people. They must also understand the importance of traffic control and how to implement a plan to keep both foot and vehicular traffic flowing in the same venue. 

The Unarmed Basic Security Officer Training course is an all-important first step to establishing a strong career in the security field. As such, receiving the best training possible cannot be underscored. That is why North Carolina's top security companies trust the School of Protective Services to train their officers.   

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The Unarmed Basic Security Officer Training course covers nine training topics required by the PPSB. It extensively covers both the administrative and legal aspects of working as a security officer in North Carolina. Considerable time is spent on understanding patrol functions and how to properly observe surroundings to understand what is happening in a given environment. Students are taught how to write reports and take effective, focused field notes during their tour. Professionalism is covered in detail to help ensure students project the proper image and have the needed skills to interact with the public. 

“The level of skills and knowledge that Fenix possess and shared with us far exceeded our agency’s expectations. We quickly realized that the methods developed and taught were far superior to the “tried and true” methods developed and utilized by most agencies. The School of Protective Services' thorough explanation of the science, methods, demonstration, and hands on exercises reinforced the new skills.”

                                                   –D. Rivers, Retired Deputy Sheriff, Investigator

Unarmed Basic Security Officer

$109.00 (Unarmed Only)


MATERIALS: Bring a pen, pencil and highlighter to class. Workbooks are furnished for each student.

CERTIFICATE: Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive their North Carolina Private Protective Services Unarmed Security Officer Training Certificate. This certificate is required for all security officers who will be applying for their unarmed registration. 

CHARLOTTE LOCATION: The Law Enforcement and Public Safety Education Center (LEPSEC) located in The Range at Ballantyne,
9883 Harrisburg Road, Indian Land, SC 29707. Please Note- The training facility sits on the NC/SC state line in south Charlotte. It has a South Carolina address and is NOT in the university area.