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Fenix offers up-to-date and comprehensive training for corporate and educational campuses in multiple areas of security-related protocols.

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Corporate & Campus Training

IMPORTANT- Beginning January 1, 2018 Fenix Training Group will no longer offer open enrollment security officer training  for individuals. Due to the increase and demand of our law enforcement training division, security courses will only be offered to security and public safety organizations. Therefore, we are encouraging new students to contact Lynn Elmo at our training partner, Elite Training Academy in Monroe, NC for training course dates and info.  

Security, Protection and Corporate-Campus Training Courses

​​Executive Protection Training

PLEASE NOTE- The School of Protective Services does not use stock photography on this website. All photographs are from actual courses taught by Fenix. Where necessary, the faces of students and/or instructors have been concealed due to those individual's operational status.

Fenix Training Group and the highly-regarded School of Protective Services is the mid-Atlantic's premier protective services and security training organization. Founded and operated by a 26-year public safety veteran and headquartered in the Charlotte region, the School of Protective Services provides an unparalleled training and learning experience for students and professionals  in the security industry, corporate security and educational campus security. Each course is designed to replicate the types of situations that professionals will encounter in the real world, giving them greater working knowledge and ability to immediately react on the job. With the proper balance of academic study and hands-on practical training, students complete our courses with a greater understanding of their roles and posses the skills to carry them out. The School of Protective Services is the trusted leader in protective services training by more security companies, security officers, armed professionals and private investigators than any other organization in the region.  

 The School of

The Solo Protection Agent series offers the most up-to-date training available in the field of executive protection.