Advanced Security Officer Training Course Information

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Upon the completion of the course, students will receive their certification in the use of batons, pepper spray and tactical handcuffing from ASP International, the world leader in less-than-lethal tactics training. Students will not only have the ability to effectively use less-than-lethal means of defense, but have the legal knowledge to employ such tactics at the right time.



CLASS SIZE: Minimum class size is four (4) officers. Maximum class size if eight (8) officers.

PREREQUISITE: Completed any state security officer training course, basic law enforcement training, state or local detention training or applicable public safety training. Call if you wish to attend but do not meet these criteria.

CERTIFICATE: Upon successful completion of the course, students will be certified according to the national law enforcement standards and curriculum for the use of less-than-lethal force through ASP International. Instructors who teach ASOT are ASP Certified Instructors.

LOCATION: To be announced when course is scheduled.

EQUIPMENT: Each student must bring a duty belt with expandable baton and scabbard, OC Spray holder for either MK-II or MK-III canister, handcuffs and cuff holder, and comfortable clothing.  Footwear may be either duty boots or athletic shoes.

Advanced Security Officer Training (ASOT) is 2-day course that was developed to pick up where the state-mandated basic unarmed and armed security officer training required by the PPSB leaves off.  While the PPSB does not regulate the use of less-than-lethal weapons, defensive tactics or handcuffing, security professionals could face unnecessary liability by carrying and/or using such items without the proper training and certification. The use of less-than-lethal weapons is essential for all unarmed and armed security officers, corporate security agents, armed private investigators, armored car personnel and other security professionals. 

Just as law enforcement officers are trained in less-than-lethal tactics, so should security professionals.  In areas where security professionals must go unarmed, ASOT provides the additional vital skills needed to protect themselves and others by teaching the proper use of OC Spray (pepper spray), expandable batons, handcuffing, subject searching, and defensive hand-to-hand tactics. Extensive emphasis is placed on use-of-force ethics training.  

Advanced Security Training

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