PPSB Annual Firearms Qualification Course Information

North Carolina Private Protective Services

Annual Firearms Qualification

$109.00 (One Firearm)

$139.00 (Two Firearms)  
$159.00 (Three Firearms)
IMPORTANT- The above course fee is for one (1) attempt only. If the student does not qualify on the first attempt, each subsequent attempt (up to 3 total) will cost $25.00. By registering for this course, the student certifies that they understand additional costs will be incurred if they do not qualify on their first attempt.

ROUNDS NEEDED: 100 rounds of Total Copper Jacket (TCJ) or Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) ammunition. You may bring your own ammunition or purchase it at the class. We have plenty of ammunition allocated for each class so let us know if you need to purchase at the course. All ammunition must be new factory loads; no reloaded ammunition is allowed. See important notice on state ammunition requirements below in red.  Ammunition prices for 300 rounds range from approximately $100.00 for 9mm to $150.00 for .45 ACP.

IMPORTANT- If the student does not qualify on the first attempt, then each additional attempt will require 50 additional rounds of ammunition.   

FIREARM: Any 9mm of higher caliber semi-automatic pistol or higher.    

EQUIPMENT: Students must have the following items for the Annual Firearms Qualification:

  • Semi-automatic pistol
  • Two (2) magazines
  • Flashlight (Mandatory)
  • Baseball cap with bill (Mandatory)
  • 100 rounds of ammunition (available for purchase if needed) 

CERTIFICATE: Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive their North Carolina Private Protective Services Firearms Training Renewal Certificate. This certificate is required for all security officers and private investigators who will be renewing their armed registration or license, and who will be armed during the performance of their duties in North Carolina. 

LOCATION: Charlotte, NC at the Law Enforcement and Public Safety Education Center (LEPSEC) located in The Range at Ballantyne, 9883 Harrisburg Road, Indian Land, SC 29707. Please Note- This training facility sits on the NC/SC state line in south Charlotte. It has a South Carolina address. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE- The NC Private Protective Services Board will allow students to qualify with target ammunition as long at it is the ballistic equivalent of the duty ammunition you intend to use while working.  The target ammunition must have the same "point-of-aim, point-of-impact and felt recoil" as the duty ammunition they intend to use.  

PPSB Annual Firearms Qualifications

The North Carolina PPSB requires ALL licensees, registered security officers, armored car officers and private investigators who carry a firearm in the performance of their duties to qualify each year with their duty weapon. Officer must qualify on both day and night courses of fire and score at least 80% or higher on both to pass.  Fenix HIGHLY recommends that those qualified to carry a firearm re-qualify within 60 to 90-days of the expiration date of their registration or license.  This will lessen the likelihood of having a lapse on your firearm privileges, which can be very costly, both in terms of time and money.  

The PPSB Annual Firearms Qualification course consists of 4-hours of classroom training, which includes a legal recap of applicable laws affecting the armed professional, firearms safety, marksmanship skills and more.  Following a break, students report to the range to qualify on each prescribed course of fire.  To keep costs low for officers and agencies, the School of Protective Services has developed a simple and fair "pay-for-what-you-use" pricing structure. Officers pay only $109.00 (one firearm) if they qualify on their first attempt. If they do not qualify on their first attempt, each additional attempt is $25.00. The School of Protective Services does not charge extra for targets or range fees during the course.   

Upcoming Course Dates:

(Upon Agency Request)

WARNING- The School of Protective Services STRONGLY encourages and recommends all students to PRACTICE at a range with their firearm PRIOR to attending the Annual Firearms Qualification course. Per 14B NCAC 16,  failure to qualify in three (3) attempts on either the day or night courses of fire will result in the suspension of an officer's armed registration, even if the armed registration has not yet expired. Failure to qualify could adversely affect your employment status to work in an armed capacity.