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North Carolina Private Protective Services Training

Armed Basic Security Officer Training Course Information

COURSE FEE:  $349.00  

CLASS SIZE: Minimum class size is four (4) officers. Maximum class size 0f eight (8) officers.

PREREQUISITE: Must have completed the PPSB Unarmed Basic Security Officer Training course prior to taking BSOT-A.

ROUNDS NEEDED: 300 rounds of Total Copper Jacket (TCJ) or Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) ammunition. You may bring your own ammunition or purchase it at the class. We have plenty of ammunition allocated for each class so let us know if you need to purchase at the course. All ammunition must be new factory loads; no reloaded ammunition is allowed. See important notice on state ammunition requirements below in red.  Ammunition prices for 300 rounds range from approximately $100.00 for 9mm to $150.00 for .45 ACP.  

FIREARM: Any 9mm of higher caliber semi-automatic pistol or higher. Firearm must be from a reputable manufacturer. If you don't have a firearm, one will be issued to you free of charge. Students who do not have a gun will be required to purchase a holster (see below). PLEASE NOTE- Fenix does NOT teach or train on the use of revolvers by security officers as a primary weapons platform.   

EQUIPMENT: Students must have a sturdy Level II or Level III duty holster or concealed carry holster for the class.  Students who will be renting a firearm for the course must purchase a holster for use during the class if they do not have one. We recommend the Blackhawk Serpa Level II combo holster, which costs approximately $40.00. Please call before class to make sure that we have a holster to fit your firearm make and model! 

CERTIFICATE: Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive their North Carolina Private Protective Services Firearms Training Certificate. This certificate is required for all security officers and private investigators who will be applying for their armed registration or license, and who will be armed during the performance of their duties in North Carolina. 

LOCATION: Charlotte, NC at the Law Enforcement and Public Safety Education Center (LEPSEC) located in The Range at Ballantyne, 9883 Harrisburg Road, Indian Land, SC 29707. Please Note- This training facility sits on the NC/SC state line in south Charlotte. It has a South Carolina address. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE- The NC Private Protective Services Board will allow students to qualify with target ammunition as long at it is the ballistic equivalent of the duty ammunition you intend to use while working.  The target ammunition must have the same "point-of-aim, point-of-impact and felt recoil" as the duty ammunition they intend to use.   

Several advanced training topics are also incorporated to make sure that armed security officers are proficient with one-handed shooting tactics, close quarters shooting, shooting from cover, prone shooting, and shooting in low-light situations.  The course also teaches students the most up-to-date techniques on how the use of proper body mechanics and ergonomics to increase speed and accuracy when shooting.  This course incorporates the first four hours of the Law Enforcement D.R.A.W. School Firearms Training course. The additional four hours of training allows us to teach our students crucial shooting skills that are vital for officer survival during high stress encounters. 

Simply put, the School of Protective Services does NOT believe in putting armed security officers on the street without this valuable training! The world is not static and neither is our training! Our program seamlessly combines the classroom curriculum with hands-on training and then moves these skill-sets to the range for additional live-fire training before qualifications. We have the most comfortable, state-of-the-art training facility in the Carolinas.  From start to finish, our safety philosophy teaches each student to always practice proper and safe handling of a firearm at all times.  Compare our training program to any other course and you will find that no one comes close to the level of training provided by the School of Protective Services.

Armed Basic Security Officer

Armed Basic Security Officer Training

There is a growing demand for highly-trained armed security officers throughout North Carolina.  This demand stretches from local private security contracts, to state and federal security contracts. Along with that demand comes increased liability for both security companies and security officers who are armed.  To limit the potential liability of providing armed services, security companies and their officers trust the superior Armed Basic Security Officer Training (BSOT-A) course taught at the Fenix School of Protective Services. BSOT-A is 3-days and 24-hours in length and we have incorporated advanced firearms training specifically designed for armed security officers.  BSOT-A both meets and exceeds state PPSB standards. 

"I spent the majority of my career as a police officer with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department. I trained and instructed at one of the elite police academies in the country. I recently attended a course with Fenix Training Group. Not only was the instructor extremely knowledgeable, but he introduced me to a method of shooting that allowed me to obtain scores that I had never achieved on a consistent basis. I strongly recommend anyone looking to better themselves in law enforcement or security to reach out to Fenix Training Group."

                                                                                           - Ofc. R. Watts, CMPD (Ret.)