Fenix Law Enforcement Training  has been training law enforcement officers on the patrol application of rifles for years through its D.R.A.W. School program. This includes specialized SWAT and SRT tactical team force-on-force training utilizing the UTM training system. With the addition of approved rifle platforms by the PPSB, Fenix now brings its expertise in law enforcement rifle training to the security industry. No other PPSB instructor or security training organization can match the level of training provided by the School of Protective Services. Our Long Gun-Rifle course goes well beyond just learning to effectively shoot a rifle, far exceeding the state's minimum requirements.   

North Carolina Private Protective Services

" I learned more in two days training with Fenix than I did in five days of patrol rifle instructor training at the justice academy." Sgt. J. Baird, FMPD

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Long Gun-Rifle Training Course Information

Rifle and Carbine Training

In 2016, the PPSB introduced the new Long Gun Course, which includes instruction and training for both shotgun and rifles. In doing so, the PPSB set a high standard on a national level to allow security professionals to use rifles in the performance of their duties. The Long Gun-Rifle course is a basic two-day, 16-hour school that teaches students the fundamentals of rifle marksmanship. Fenix has added on an additional 8-hours of optional tactical training called Advanced Long Gun-Rifle.   

Long Gun-Rifle Training

$349.00 Basic Long Gun-Rifle
$249.00 Advanced Long Gun-Rifle 

CLASS SIZE: Minimum class size is five (5) officers. Maximum class size of ten (10) officers.

PREREQUISITE: Must have completed the PPSB Armed Basic Security Officer Training (BSOT-A) course prior to taking the basic Long Gun-Rifle course. Students wishing to take the Advanced Long Gun-Rifle course must have successfully passed the basic Long Gun-Rifle course.

FIREARM: Any AR-style rifle or carbine chambered in .223 Rem/5.56 NATO. Bolt-action rifles of the same caliber may also be used. Rifle must be from a reputable manufacturer and in good working order. Students must have a minimum of two (2) magazines, however we highly recommend bringing three (3) magazines, especially for the Advanced Long Gun Rifle course. Students will also need to bring their semi-automatic pistol and appropriate duty holster to the course.  

ROUNDS NEEDED: 300 rounds of Total Copper Jacket (TCJ) or Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) ammunition for the basic Long Gun Rifle course and 200 rounds for the Advanced Long Gun Rifle course. Minimum of 50 rounds for duty pistol. You may bring your own ammunition or purchase it at the class. All ammunition must be new factory loads; no reloaded ammunition is allowed. See important notice on state ammunition requirements below in red.  Fenix recommends purchasing your rifle ammunition PRIOR to the course at www.BulkAmmo.com.   

EQUIPMENT: Students must have a means of carrying their rifle magazines for quick access. This may be on a chest rig, ballistic vest (kit), combat belt or magazine pouches on a belt. Carrying magazines in cargo pockets is NOT allowed during this course.  

CERTIFICATE: Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive their North Carolina Private Protective Services Rifle Training Certificate. This certificate is required for all security officers and private investigators who will be applying for their armed rifle registration or license, and who will be using a rifle during the performance of their duties in North Carolina.  

IMPORTANT NOTICE- The NC Private Protective Services Board will allow students to qualify with target ammunition as long at it is the ballistic equivalent of the duty ammunition you intend to use while working.  The target ammunition must have the same "point-of-aim, point-of-impact and felt recoil" as the duty ammunition they intend to use.   

Learning the basics of accurately shooting a rifle at distance and close range is the goal of the basic Long Gun-Rifle course curriculum. However, the state-mandated minimums do not focus on the basic tactical application of the rifle, especially in an urban environment where it would most likely be used by security officers.  For this reason, the School of Protective Services has exclusively added on an additional 8-hours of optional rifle training to our Long Gun-Rifle course called Advanced Long Gun-Rifle. This additional training gives students and security agencies the confidence to implement the use of rifles in varied urban environments knowing they can do so with speed and accuracy.